Saturday, 29 August 2015

2015 FamilyRaya Trip Day 1 @ Kea Farm, Cameron Highlands

Now everyone stomach full. So its time to visit Kea Farm to get some of the fresh veggie for our tonight steamboat dinner. Kea Farm quite crowded and hard to find parking. Here you can find alot of signature item from Cameron Highlands.

2015 FamilyRaya Trip Day 1 @ Water Cress Valley, Cameron Highlands time for lunch. On our wat to Kee's Farm, we saw this place, Water Cress Valley. Look amazing so we just stop here for our lunch break.

2015 FamilyRaya Trip Day 1 @ Lavendar Garden, Cameron Highlands

Lavender Garden which is Cameron Highland’s newest attraction is located just before Tringkap town when travelling from Simpang Pulai. It is a floral themed park and is a great place for photo shooting.

2015 FamilyRaya Trip Day 1 @ Cheong Sheng Loong, Simpang Pulai & Cameron Valley Tea, Cameron Highlands

I found out I realy lazy to write. I like slightly abandon my blog. So now I decide to just less text more photo. Lets the photo tell the story....

OK, during last Raya holiday, I had another family trip to Cameron Highlands. The last time I went to CH is arond 7 years ago. We depart quite early to avoid jam. Reach Simpang Pulai around 6.30am, we decided to had some light breakfast. Since all the stall still doing the preparation, we just go for the only stall that is ready to serve us.

Friday, 7 August 2015

BEAM @ Sri Damanasara, Kepong

I am here after watching Astro AEC series, Wellness On the Go featuring my idol Ruco Chan. Beam located at Sri Damansara Industrial Area and the deco of the cafe is sligthly out of place. Cozy environment with very friendly services crew.

Metal Cube 1008 @ Bandar Manjalara

Here another cafe in Kepong area. Metal Cube 1008, a container cafe consider huge and quite cozy. But I feel it is too dim to my liking. I prefer brighter environment. Located the the corner shop lot opposite Fortune Western Food in Bandar Manjalara.