Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Arashi Shabu Shabu @ KSL Citymall, Johor Bahru

We always want to try Arashi at KSL Citymall and finally we are here. Once we step in can feel the environment is classy with nicely interior set-up and soft light. We are greet by the friendly waitress and take some times for us to study their distintive menu.

Restaurant Tua Thow 大头餐室 @ Tmn Tasek, Johor Baru

Tua Thow earn a good reputation and can see a lot of customer from different places come to try it especially Singaporean. Anywhere after try, I still prefer Kuetiau Sup Bebola Ikan.

Tiong Hua Restaurant 中华风味湘菜馆 @ Johor Bahru

Brother bring us to his favourite restaurant for dinner. This time we eat Chinese Hunan dish at Tiong Hua Restaurant 中华风味湘菜馆. Unlike SiChuan food, Hunan food can consider more spicy but the spiciness won't make you feel numb. In this case, I feel I prefer Hunan food more.

Kuetiau Sup Bebola Ikan @ Johor Bahru

Kuetiau Sup Bebola Ikan is one of my favourite food in JB. A lot of coment say they already not as good as last time but I find it still good. So it must be very very good last time!!

KK Lok Lok @ Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru

I can say this is the biggest Lok Lok Stall I ever seen. As a lok lok die hard fan I really over excited when saw this. In fact we take about a hour to locate this stall!!!

Soon Soon Heng Bah Kut Teh @ Johor Bahru

I can say Soon Soon Heng BKT in JB really serve good BKT. Soon Soon Heng serve KL style BKT which is thick and strong herbal taste. So far till now I haven't try any Singapore style peppery BKT in JB cause brother don't like. He always bring us to try on restaurant that serve KL food >.<" Think he sure miss here very much.

Ipoh LSY-Pot @ Johor Bahru

It seem like quite some times I didn't blog anything from Johor Bahru but in fact I On Off visiting the southeast of Malaysia for some food hunt. Ok, in one of my previous visit, brother bring us for some claypot rice.

Living Social Coupon - Korea BBQ Chicken @ The Curve

Korea BBQ Chicken can consider one of my favourite restaurant. Like their food and environment. So when I saw they sell voucher I immediately purchase 2. With this voucher I can enjoy RM40 cash voucher for food and drinks at only RM24. So we are here to celebrate mum's Birthday...look like we are so stingy, celebrate mum's birthday with discounted voucher hahaha.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Living Social Coupon - Chilli Rush @ Jaya One, PJ

Chilli Rush put on an offer in Living Social which give RM50 cash voucher at only RM28. As a spicy food lover, I immediately bought it and its time for some fiery food!!

Living Social Coupon - Shinyaki Yakiniku+Sushi @ Segambut

Sis bought discount voucher from Living Social for Shinyaki Yakiniku+Sushi which gives us 50% discount on all ala-cart food. Shinyaki offer mouth watering traditional dishes prepared for you by talented chefs such as a variety of Sashimi, Kushiyaki, Yakiniku, Soft Shell Crab Salad, Avocado Salad, wide selections of noodles, rice and more. But the one attract me is their Yakiniku.