Monday, 1 September 2014

Throwback : 2014 Korea Trip Day 1 Part 5

Maybe we had our dinner a little bit early, we feel hungry and want to supper. Get a few cup noodle from the hotel's mini market, and here out supper!!!

Throwback : 2014 Korea Trip Day 1 Part 4

Day 1 :

Tour guide say bring us to BBQ, Hurray!! All of us like it and can't wait to enjoy BBQ in this winter time. But to avoid our jacket or cloak got all the BBQ smell, we brave ourselves to just left it in the bus and it is so cold!!!.

Throwback : 2014 Korea Trip Day 1 Part 3

Day 1 :

After some walking and exersice at Namiseom Island, we are bring to our hotel. It is a tatami style hotel!!! Look fun but I still prefer solid bed. Since it still under winter (near to end), all hotel didn't provide air-cond.

Throwback : 2014 Korea Trip Day 1 Part 2

Day 1 :

After the satisfied lunch, we proceed to Namiseom Island (남이섬 종합휴양지). Namisum is a tiny half-moon shaped island located in Chuncheon, South Korea, formed as it was inundated by the rising water of the North Han River as the result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam in 1944. It is famous shooting location for Korean Drama, Winter Sonata (Hmmmmm you sure know how popular it is IF you are from that generation heheh).

Throwback : 2014 Korea Trip Day 1 Part 1

I would like to interupt my steamboat marathon with this international posting hihi. My Korea trip actually happened in March 2014 but due to I totally missing in this long long term, I decided to share it now. Anywhere since this is a full board trip with travel guide, mean we only follow what they plan hihi. As a typical Malaysian tourist, I only 'up car sleep sleep down car pee pee', therefore I not sure where is where. My intention to share out just to show what I have there and I can say it is GREAT TRIP!! Lets start......