Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Kepong - Nasi Lemak Abang Black

Nowadays it is hard to find simple nasi lemak bunkus (packet) that wrapped with newspaper, banana leaf and brown paper. This is what I want to eat when I need something, simple, fast and cheap besides the instant noodle. Nasi Lemak Abang Black is a roadside stall which is operate by a few Malay girl. You can find their stall at the junction at Taman Usahawan, Kepong, after Petronas Petrol Station nearby HSBC...slightly opposite QQ BBQ Steamboat. Or at the Rukun Tetangga at Kepong Baru. The advantage to buy from this stall is you can "Drive-Thru", just stop your car infront their stall, and they will come to serve you HAHA.

Once you open up the packet of plain nasi lemak, you’re greet by a simple fragrant coconut rice, red colour sambal and a semi half-boiled egg. The rice go very well with the sambal and it is almost perfectly balanced, with the delicious chili being tempered by the sweet, and not too spicy. Anywhere the size is abit small so you may need to eat more than one packet! Normally I need 3 packet to full filled my big stomach >..<||.

Nasi Lemak Abang Black
Price : Rm1/packet
Rating : 5/5

Overall Rating :
Food : 5/5
Price : 4/5
Service : 4/5
Ambiance : - 

Address :
1. Along Main Road to Taman Usahawan (Nearby Petronas Petrol Station)
2. Kepong Baru Rukun Tetangga (Opposite Pasar Malam)

Business Hour :
Daily - Afternoon till finish

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