Monday, 9 April 2012

Kg. Sungai Kayu Ara - Pantai Seafood

This year we have our Chinese New Year Family Dinner at Pantai Seafood, a place that highly recommended as the place for Crabs and Classy Seafood. The dining experience is nice as usual. We order 8 dishes for 9 persons.

First of all, we go for their Snow Pear Yee San. As usual, after the “THE LOU” session…the snow pear are nowhere to seen.

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Snow Pear Yee Sang
Price : RM38
Rating : 3/5

Next, the springy, sweet and fresh Tiger Prawn sent to our table. We are always the super fan for the Prawn Family, so for sure this can be finished before the other food serve!!

Tiger Prawn (Pak Cheok Har)
Price : RM48
Rating : 4/5

The Nyonya Steam Talapia really yummy. The aromatic sauce with a little bit spicy, work very well to cover the fishy smell Talapia.

Nyonya Steam Talapia
Price : RM30.80
Rating : 5/5

The lala serve here really big and pretty good with the strong taste of ginger.

Big LALA Fried Ginger Chili
Price : RM40.00
Rating : 3.5/5

Here comes the Hero of the day...Jeng... Jeng... Jeng... the Snow Crab from Australia. We steam the crab! All the legs are filled with luscious, chewy crab meat. The meat is wonderfully juicy and it's easy to ‘break into’. YUMMY! YUMMY! YUMMY!

Snow Crab
Price : RM396.80
Rating : 5/5

The Deep Fried Squip is only So So for me. Not enough crunchy and still can feel the thick flour.

Deep Fried Squip
Price : RM30
Rating : 3/5

Follow by the Hakka Braise Duck. Originally we order 3-cup Duck but they give us this and we just ate it!! Haiz. Lucky, it taste so good…sweet and rich with the duck taste which I like it very much. Anywhere the whole duck is too big portion. We end up tapau half of it.

Hakka Braise Duck
Price : RM60 
Rating : 4/5

The last meal is their Signature 2 Style Kailan. It is tasty but a little bit oily.

Pantai 5 Styled Kailan
Price : RM28
Rating : 3.5/5

This is a very satisfying Dinner. You still can have good seafood on town.

Overall Rating :
Food : 4.5/5
Price : 2/5 – VERY EXPENSIVE!!
Service : 3.5/5
Ambiance : 3.5/5

Address :
Pantai Seafood(水上人家)
Lot 13575, Jalan Cempaka PJU 6A
Kg. Sg. Kayu Ara, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel : 03-7725 5099, 7725 1099

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